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The Global Connection – Painting a Picture of Human-ET Contact


In the mid to late 90’s I was undertaking some extremely powerful energy work that was facilitated by my brother. He had learned these techniques from – our ‘great teacher’ – a man who had developed the process after spending years working with various Shaman from around the world. The process was a combination of many forms of energy work, and breathing. I am glad I had a witness to what happened during this process.

Paola, I was taken out of my body – and via a number of processes too long to explain here, – I was taken off the planet and into ‘outer space’.
It was incredible – and truly, outer space is exactly what you would expect it to be – that which you see in documentaries or similar space vision – black boundless space filled with incredible bright stars.

I was taken to a point in space where, to my right, I could see in the distance what appeared to me to look like a ‘crystal city’. My conscious-self thought it was ridiculous! That surely I was imagining this. However, when I asked the entity what I was seeing, he told me it was “Acacia” (pronounced Ak-asha – like the tree).

I couldn’t get my head around that, because my conscious mind was wondering if he meant “Akashic” (i.e. the “akashic” records). The entity was insistent that I must remember the name was “Acacia”.

[[I have only learned this year that this name has SIGNIFICANT ties with our human-ET heritage, and history. Difficult to explain here though]]

As I observed Acacia and how incredible it seemed juxtaposed against the backdrop of stars, the entity informed me, that he couldn’t “proceed any further” but I was to just ‘trust’.

I didn’t know what he meant by that, but soon, above me, a vortex began and a large “hole” appeared to open the fabric of space – forming an opening – a hole.

Through this hole I was taken by my hand by a second – “energy” – and told not to be afraid.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to see, and as I drifted upwards – in my conscious mind, I wondered if I was being taken to meet “Jesus” or even “God”?

It felt I was being led to a place of extreme significance and reverence.

As the hand guided me gently through the ‘hole’ I emerged into – what I can only describe as – ‘heaven’.

I cannot put into any words what I saw. It was beyond any realm or any words I could describe, I became a part of ‘the all that is’ – it took my breath away.

What did I see? It was the endless universes – multiverses after multiverses. I saw the exquisite depth and range of colours, the multitudes of nebula, galaxies, planets and suns – I cannot describe the beauty and the absolute all engulfing and all embracing ‘love’ in which it exists.

Love is life’s essence it is the ether.

It is the force or energy that binds our atoms. It’s not a feeling.

I was – “in”“love”.

I became ~ in one word ~ love. A single atom in an otherwise endless universe.

I saw the deepest depths of infinite space – before any other human being knew it even existed.

After what seemed only a few minutes a voice spoke to me and said “This is home, but not yet. Not yet”.

With that, I descended down through the vortex and it closed gently above me.

The first entity was still there, waiting telling me – welcome home Sister.

There was further communication following which I was returned back to this planet, with a clear view of who we are, where we are from, and where we will return to.

I came back into my body to a very stunned Brother who told me I had been levitating about 2 inches off the ground for 2 hours. I couldn’t speak, I just held him and cried with the beauty of it all.

No image could ever capture what I experienced. This photograph was taken many years after I was ‘there’.