Mind & Spirit

Misinformation Tactics

Are we kept in the dark?

Modus Operandi

There are some typical tactics that the disinformation spooks have used for decades. These are usually “soft” form and so subtle that they are almost invisible.

These tactics are far more prevalent now that we have the internet and social media, as these merely add to an already enormous reserve at the fingertips of misinformation experts.

It allows the misinformation agent to plant multiple hoaxes relating to real events | people | places. Social media or web-pages for example have been used against serious researchers as a means to plant subtle misinformation, then discredit those researchers who refer to them, along with anyone who agrees with the researchers.

That is, guilt by association.

These can also serve to provide “red herrings”. In other words, take the focus off the truth and point it towards the deception.


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