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Contact in the Crops


Janet Ossebaard is director for the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Studies (DCCCS), author and producer of award winning documentaries on the subject.

She says that crop circles remain an unexplained enigma.

“What we do know,” said Ms Ossebaard “is that crop circles have been reported in 29 countries and found in mediums of wheat, barley, canola, trees, ice, rice paddies and linseed.

“We also know they are formed in less than 20 seconds as a result of light, sound and magnetism interacting with plants to form amazing geometric patterns.

“What we don’t know for certain is who is making them and why,” she said.

Contrary to common belief, Janet says that scientists have found that the majority of circles are not made by people.

“A team of scientists from the USA and Holland found the biophysical and geological changes in the plants and soil of crop circles cannot be explained by mechanical damage, such as by people moving boards and ropes.

“This is because the nodes of the crop circle plants are quite often elongated dramatically and this could only happen by an unknown energy.

“In some cases, when the energy is intense and the plants are mature and less flexible, the extreme heat of the energy causes the plants’ nodes to explode and you will not find these in man-made formations.”

However, after 11 years of researching the phenomenon and a personal encounter with the circle makers, Janet says she believes crop circles are being formed by an alien intelligence with a message for humankind to ‘wake-up’.

“People who had been in the circles said we are destroy thatying the earth and each other and this is why intervention is taking place.”

“The crop circles are being formed to raise our consciousness and to help us evolve emotionally and spiritually.

“They are encouraging us to become less prejudiced, milder and more loving towards our environment and ourselves.”

Janet says that the type of experiences that a person has after being in crop circles range from spontaneous healing for chronic ailments through to heightened psychic abilities.

Her findings aligned with the extensive work conducted by world-acclaimed extraterrestrial contact researcher and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) Ms Mary Rodwell.

Mary admits that the connection between crop circles and alien intelligence did not surprise her.

“Crop circles may be linked to communication at some deep level of our psyche and be a form of universal language that is changing us on many levels.”

Mary states that although it is unbeknown to many people who have contact with alien intelligence, after a contact they start drawing and producing unusual scripts, symbols and images that strongly resemble crop circles,”

“Contact is not just about a strange experience on a space craft,” explains Mary, “Contact raises questions about our very human origins.  There appear to be anomalies within our DNA and experiencers say their genetic material is being harvested which results in them dramatically changing as a result of the contact.

“People with contact experiences become more psychically and spiritually aware and start operating on a multi-dimensional band of reality.  They also exhibit healing abilities and often commence drawing complex geometric symbols and images that resemble sacred geometry.


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