UFOs and Extra-terrestrial Life: Am I crazy?

To the new searchers or the curious

One day, not so long ago, I was asked to present my story as a UFO ‘abductee’ on a national current affairs program. (This is a term I recoil at using as it is an affront to mine, and to others experiences, and brings about connotations the likes of sci-fi horror movies).

Although tentative, I was grateful for the opportunity so that it may be seen by others who may have had similar experiences in the community, and that they would be empowered by it. I don’t consider myself ‘an abductee’ as I was not a ‘victim’ in any of these events, rather an unknowing participant in something I didn’t understand at time in my life. My hope was that other people having these experiences will see me and then understand that they may have experienced the same.

As a health professional every patient I examine entrusts me with their health and wellbeing. Nearly every day I do this, I will find a skin cancer, sometimes life threatening malignant melanoma, and I then have to work closely with other members of the Medical Fraternity to ensure the ongoing health and welfare of my patients. In other words, every day I perform my professional role, I hold the lives of others in my hands and that is something I hold very dear.

The reason I am telling you this, is because the “ET” experience is not something that I am usually open to talk about outside of those close to me, or those working professionally in the field. Bearing in mind the amount of trust given to me every day, it is not something that I do for any ‘reward’ and on the contrary, I have nothing to gain and absolutely everything to lose by going public with my experiences.

It took me a very long time, and a huge amount of research to accept what happened to me, and to other members of my family as real. By research, I mean personally travelling to other countries and meeting personally with High Ranking Military Officers, Astrophysicists, Emergency Room Physicians, Commercial Airline Pilots, Police Detectives, and other highly qualified and ‘high standing’ members of Society.

I visited them personally because I wanted to know firsthand if everything that I was researching (in books and via the net) was true, and that the experiences that I was having were also ‘true’; that they were also ‘real’, that they had the credentials they claimed to have, and also the experiences that they claimed to have had.

On everything that I have and on my reputation, I can state categorically that the Aerial Phenomena and ‘Off Planet’ cultures are real. They are not imagined, and by no means are they ‘impossible’, as some in the scientific community would have the community believe.

I would urge you – if you know nothing else to investigate three Major “UFO” incidents which may give you a better understanding/insight of the subject. Those incidences are;

  1. The Belgium UFO flap
  2. The Rendelsham Forest/Bentwaters incident; and
  3. The Phoenix Lights incident.

I have personally met with Military and Medical Personnel who were present during these events, and I can verify their credentials and authenticity. And these events are just the tip of a very large iceberg. It is my hope that you will gain a much clearer understanding of this very real aspect of our world, and also an insight into those having similar experience.


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